Hello, Leo season! Power, fire🔥, and passion🧡. 

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Those born between July 23rd and August 22nd, we hear you, Leos of the world. If you have a Leo friend, you probably know what I mean. Leos are known for being eccentric, usually extroverted 😎. And even if they are introverted, they like being the center of attention.

All of this eccentricity is not by chance. It is not for nothing that the symbol representing this zodiac sign is the majestic lion. Leos are known as the “star of the zodiac.” Their main traits include being ambitious, loyal, generous, loyal, and protective 🌟.

🔥 As Leo is a fire sign, it’s characterized by having bright, intense colors as part of its palette. Red, hot pink, and orange are definitely the main choices, but brown and turquoise are great choices. The metal of choice is, of course, gold. For Leos, the brighter, the better.

In terms of style, Leos are known for making bold choices. J-Lo, Kylie Jenner, and Madonna are Leos. They are also very popular for being trend-setters and breaking all the standards. And just like these stylish celebrities, we can help you build your style for Leo season, just to ensure you make a bold statement everywhere you go! ⚡️

1. The neck:

To start your Leo vibes accessories guide, your neck is the perfect spot. An excellent way to start is to get a base where you combine some bold colors. Our choice for this is the Monochrome Bead Choker with Majestic Evil Eye - Pink and yellow. These two will give you the pop of color you need 🌈.

✨ Use gold to add some depth.

A trendy double strand is a perfect choice. We love the Double Strand Mini Chunky and Mini Ball Chain - Yellow Gold. 

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2. The ears: 

If you are already stacked with necklaces, ideally, your earrings should be more simple. We love these asymmetrical golden hoops to still give it a bold look, but these small golden hoops are perfect if you want to go lighter. 

What really makes your ears the main character during Leo season is that a good pair of earrings will definitely bring light to your face, but it also frames it. If you prefer wearing less on your neck and more on your ears, we are obsessed with these Medium Beaded Hoops.

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3. The arms: 

Wearing bracelets is a very Leo thing. Leos are very expressive, and bracelets are perfect for getting attention to your hands when you are talking. We have just the perfect touch for that. You can stack a few of the Monochrome Bead Bracelet with Majestic Evil Eye in pink and yellow🧿, and to make it more classy, add this Mini Chunky Chain Bracelet - Yellow Gold

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What else do you think goes with Leo season? Tell us in the comments!💬

We love to match our makeup with our jewelry. A great way you can try this is by doing some colored eyeliner that matches your accessories. A bold lip color also does the job! ❤️

The best part of Leo season is that it really is the perfect time to try all the bold ideas you had in mind for a while. Don’t be afraid to stand out and make a statement; your best accessory will always be loving yourself!

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