We all love to add some color to our outfits, accessories, and life. Especially during the Spring and Summertime, but did you know you can use colors to boost your mood depending on the situation?  

Each color has a different effect on your mood and inspires diverse mental reactions because they are associated with different emotions or objects.

Our latest Golden Tangerine jewelry collection is colorful, modern, and playful, but it’s also full of so much power. All of our pieces have the evil eye (also known as Nazar) which will protect you from all the bad energies. If you want to learn more about what the evil eye means and how it works, you can read this post. 

Apart from the energy of the evil eye, color has so much power. 

This collection allows you to pick your pieces based on how you want to feel and what you want others to feel and think the moment they look at you. 

Learn a little bit about each color and choose which one is right for you! (We think we need them all on different occasions)


Red is associated with fire, energy, strength, power, and love. It is a very passionate color, that can either create a mood of anger and intensity, or excitement and lust. Women tend to wear red when they want to capture a guy’s attention and it usually works. Mainly because it inspires them to take action and makes them feel comfortable. 

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The yellow color seems like a color that many people walk away from, but it is AMAZING when it comes to boosting someone’s mood. Yellow objects associate with warmth, joy, friendship, and socialization. If you want to have a deep-hearted conversation, we would completely guarantee to wear something yellow, because it creates a friendly, happy, and optimistic mood so that your conversations always have the best possible ending. 

Maybe you already know what to wear the next time you have an uncomfortable conversation. 

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Oh, Blue! We love and need you so much. 

Blue calms us down and aids intuition. It is associated with peace, softness, serenity, and water. 

When you see blue, you think of the sky and the ocean, making almost every single person feel relaxed. Blue created a productive, calm and cold mood. If you don’t mind the cold, this is the perfect color to wear on business meetings or to a stressful event. 

You can get a Majestic Evil Eye Bead Choker in turquoise or navy blue


The pink color is associated with the woman figure, femininity, and even love. The pink color can make us feel protected from a romantic perspective, while something red represents passion, pink represents romance. That is why you see lots of red and pink for Valentine’s Day. 

Pink is a tricky color because its lighter shades are considered to be relaxing. However, vibrant shades of pink can be stimulating and even aggravating. 

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At the end of the day, all colors make us feel super confident.  

Don’t be afraid to wear color. From now on, you can add the ones you like the most to your outfits and use some secret psychology to use them to your advantage.