We've all struggled with finding the best bracelet sets we can just put on and go! Sometimes we don't know how to mix and match jewelry pieces that are part of our collection, or we don't own jewelry pieces that make up the look we want. 

To make your life easier, and help you with your styling sessions, we've curated dozens of sets for you to buy and use together. The best part is that you can wear the bracelets together but also separately, and you can even mix and match sets. You can create countless looks by just buying and matching two GT sets. 

We're very excited to use new fashion pieces and jewelry now that the fall season started. 


Here are some of the newest sets we've created for you:

The best part is: you save money when you buy a set! They have a 10% off included in the price.  

1. Matching Queen Set


The Matching Queen Set includes two silver bracelets with a pink evil eye to bring the feminine vibes that match perfectly with a third bracelet, the Mediterranean Ombre Eye Bead Bracelet in Deep Fucsia. This set looks incredible with your fall outfits, because it's a little darker while still looking super feminine and girly if you're a pink girl. 

It includes:

Bead Bracelet with Evil Eye - Silver and Pink 

Mediterranean Ombre Eye Bead Bracelet - Deep Fucsia 


2. Green Goddess Set

We love mixing and matching different tones of green, that's why we made the Green Goddess Set. This set includes three unique green bracelets that can be used separately or together and look equally as good. Our Marseille bracelets are basics that we all need in our collection, and this mix of darker and lighter greens are perfect for these first few months of cooler weather. 

It includes: 

Mediterranean Ombre Eye Bead Bracelet - Basil Green 

Marseille Bracelet - Green 

1 Mediterranean Ombre Eye Bead Bracelet - Emerald 


3. Playing with the Basics Set 

If you're into gold and chunky jewelry, the Playing with the Basics Set is what you're looking for. Three elastic Cannes bracelets that can be used with ANY look, and we really mean it. We've used these bracelets for very formal events and also just to go to the office. They also look amazing with high-end jewelry and are gold-filled! 

It includes:

1 Mini Cannes Bracelet - Yellow Gold 

1 Elastic Cannes 5 mm Bracelet - Yellow Gold 

1 Elastic Cannes 8mm Bracelet - Yellow Gold 


4. Pop the Champagne Set

A best seller bracelet and its triple power: Pop the Champagne Set. If you're looking for bracelets to wear to brunch with the girls or to a casual celebration, the Mediterranean Ombré in Champagne Gold is a great option, especially when you can get three of them for 10% off. This bracelet is a #GTGirl favorite. If you love it, we would suggest you get this set! 

It includes:

Mediterranean Ombre Eye Bead Bracelet - Champagne Gold 


5. Ready to Mingle Set 

For single or taken ladies, this is a powerful set. The Ready to Mingle Set comes with 4 bracelets that will make you feel ready for anything. The combination of gold and red is one that makes you feel pretty, limitless, feminine and ready to mingle! This is one of our favorites sets for fall season. 

It includes:

1 Bead Bracelet with Majestic Evil Eye - Yellow Gold and Sparkling Red 

1 Mini Cannes Bracelet - Yellow Gold 

1 Mediterranean Ombre Eye Bead Bracelet - Scarlet Red 

1 Elastic Cannes 5 mm Bracelet - Yellow Gold  

If you're wearing any of these sets on the Fall or Winter seasons, remember to tag us at @golden_tangerine so we can share your inspo looks with other #GTGirls 

With love, 

the GT team.