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Our Story

Never Miss A Moment To Shine


Handcrafted in the Mediterranean

Designed and handcrafted in small batches in the Mediterranean, like in the old days, but for the fun days ahead. Every piece is made with 925 Sterling Silver and semi-precious stones that will shine on you forever and make everyday a special occasion. 

It Started As A Jewelry Brand And Became A Lifestyle.

Driven by positive energy, we encourage living in gratitude, sharing happiness, and choosing kindness with colorful jewelry collections.
We are fourth-generation jewelers, inspired by Tangier's Golden era of flair and glamour seeking for the perfect color combinations to inspire joy and optimism, focusing on the good with happy vibes and magical charms.
And remember, when in doubt: add color. 

Founders of Golden Tangerine, jewelry brand

From Us, To You.

We skip the middleman and use the same top materials and quality craftsmanship as other luxury jewelry brands minus the traditional markups, so we can make fun and beautiful jewelry accessible to all