"As people, there is a need to express ourselves aesthetically and jewelry is a powerful and personal adornment that adds to our beauty and reveals a little more of who we are." Lina Leon 

Choosing the perfect jewelry pieces for your outfits adds the final touch to any look and makes you look even more radiant and beautiful 🤩. We know that looking good is important because it makes us feel confident and helps us succeed in our daily tasks.

In any case, finding the right outfit can be a struggle 🥺. You might even have to follow a specific dress code, but sometimes it can be hard to get an outfit out of our minds and into the mirror.

Accessories play an important role when it comes to dressing up. They can make us look relaxed and casual, or give us a magical glow for special evening events. A jewelry piece can make us feel like a businesswoman in New York City 🌆, empowered and confident 🧡.

To make your life easier, we want to share how you can use jewelry to dress up your outfits on every occasion:

👚 Casual Looks:

It is not necessary to wear a lot. A pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers are the perfect combination.

The key to making these three pieces look different is adding some colorful accessories. They can be simple yet unique and eye-catching.

You could go for our Majestic Evil Eye Bead Choker in Coral or our Bead Bracelet with Majestic Evil Eye in Yellow

Majestic Evil Eye Bead Choker - Yellow Gold and Coral

It is appropriate to dress casually for:

  • Gatherings with friends
  • A date to the movies
  • Airports

    👩‍💼 Cocktail or Business Casual: 

    For some special occasions, it’s best to dress more elegantly than you do every day.

    When it comes to business casual or cocktail dress codes, your best bet would be to use dresses, heels, and skirts. A nice pair of pants with heels can also be a great option, and we love a good oversized blazer. 

    Even though these are more elegant, they would look best with some added elements. 

    Our Long Necklace with Tangerine Leaves - Yellow Gold is elegant and classic, and the Mini Pave Hoop Earrings in Yellow Gold are the perfect little earrings for a more formal event.

    Long Necklace with Tangerine Leaves - Yellow Gold

    It is appropriate to wear a cocktail/business casual outfit in:

      • Special dinners
      • Work conferences
      • Less formal weddings
      • Parties

      We recommend you get some inspo from our #GTGirls... You can always follow us on Instagram, to see how they style their outfits. You can also tag us and we'll share the amazing outfits you create!


      model with gold choker
      Natasha with golden tangerine

      💃 Black Tie:

      The most formal type of dress code. Definitely more commonly used in weddings, galas, awards, or holiday parties. A dress and heels would be the most proper option for this type of outfit. This is your chance of wearing beautiful gowns you dream of and extra shiny jewelry. 

      Some of our basics that would look good with a black-tie outfit are the classic Omega Bracelet in Yellow Gold or Silver, and the amazing Mini Pave Hoop Earrings in Yellow Gold that we also mentioned could look amazing with business casual.

      Omega choker - Gold

      It is appropriate to wear a Black Tie outfit for:

      • Weddings
      • Galas
      • Formal parties and events


      We love unique combinations just like you do, and as you can see, each occasion requires a very specific outfit and accessories that go according to the dress code but also YOUR style.

      Looking impeccable is a daily chore. With the right jewelry pieces, we attract everyone's eyes. And everybody likes to be the star of the show at least once in a while.

      “It's the individual elements that you choose and how you combine them that creates your own style”

      🌟 Remember that we love to give you some tips, but style is very personal and when it comes to your looks, we encourage you to not be afraid to break some rules from time to time!


      What is the jewelry piece that you couldn't live without? Tell us in the comments ⬇️.