It's already June... and if you don't have plans already and you're still looking for the perfect summer getaway? We got you! And by the way, you should hurry up!

As you guys may know, all of our jewelry is handmade in the Mediterranean, with love and dedication. Our family is from Tangier, Morocco, a city in the Mediterranean. Hence, we are super connected with the area and we've always loved traveling around the Mediterranean. 

The blue of the Mediterranean and the different cultures that we can find around it inspire our designs, the colors we create our pieces on, and our aesthetic. 

Today, we would like to share 5 of our favorite destinations for Summer 2022. These are not listed in a specific order, and we would recommend you visit all of these places at some point.


1. The Amalfi Coast 

The first place we love and would love to see you at is anywhere on the Amalfi Coast. This coastline, located in southern Italy, is known for its towns, natural diversity, and landscapes.

*Fun fact: did you know the Amalfi Coast is not only popular for its beaches, but also because of the production of limoncello liqueur?

Our jewelry pieces in coral go perfectly with every city that you will visit throughout your trip. 

2. Mykonos 

Let's travel to Greece to meet at Mykonos, the Island of the Winds. Walking around this city is our biggest pleasure, where we can enjoy its beauty, landscapes, and nightlife.  

Greek food is also amazing, so we would recommend: looking good, relaxing a lot, going out and enjoying life while you're there.

As we said, if you visit Mykonos, you're going out, and you will need some jewelry to look even more amazing. You can mix and match our Marseille bracelets and chokers with some evil eye bracelets and create the perfect look. 

3. Capri 

If we go back to Italy, we HAVE to mention Capri

Colorful houses, the amazing blue Tyrrhenian sea (part of the Mediterranean), and the wonderful Italian food are the first things that come to our mind when we mentally transport to Capri. 

The Blue Grotto (or Grotta Azzurra in Italian) is one of the main things you have to see on this small Island. 

Remember we're in Europe, so fashion is always a priority. You have to start planning all your outfits to have an amazing time at this destination. Our Rainbow Choker - spring edition matches perfectly with the houses and buildings around the city. 

4. Ibiza 

Did you know our founders are from Spain? So going back home is always a great idea. Even though we're not from Ibiza, I think we can all agree that we love a little sunshine and paradise. 

When you get to Ibiza you certainly feel and look your greatest. You can always experiment with your looks and take all your outfits to the next level. 

If you're looking for jewelry pieces that can match any look that you're taking on vacation, we would recommend our Cannes bracelets and necklaces. Also, our Lucky Eye jewelry pieces are just what you need for a Mediterranean trip. They bring all the happy and lucky vibes into your life. 


And lastly, we take a plane to Athens...

To finish our tour around the Mediterranean we go back to the Capital of Greece. A city that can transport you to the past. 

This is an all-time classic destination where you feel powerful and happy while experiencing magical things. 

As we said before, if you're looking for the perfect pieces for Athens, we would get some lucky eyes jewelry. These pieces look good with any outfit and you can even get different colored bracelets to match every single one of your looks. 

If you travel to the Mediterranean this summer and wear your GT pieces remember to tag us @golden_tangerine and use #GTSummer.