Look trendy but classy during this season. 


The sun officially left its home sign of Leo and moved into earth sign Virgo’s territory on August 22. This solar shift will prompt us to clean up our acts after a month of partying through Leo season 🥳.

Virgo season is perfect to organize our lives after all the joy Leo season gave us🧡. It's time to think of multiple changes we can apply to our routine and strive to live a more balanced life.

How do you accessorize to match with the ruling zodiac sign of the moment? ♍️

In the fashion world, Virgo girls love simple and basic clothing and jewelry. They would never wear anything too flashy, too tight, or too revealing. They are elegant and always prefer the classics.

Virgo style is easily summed up by its character traits: sophisticated, humble, and practical ✨.

They love solid colors, silhouette dresses, and classic pieces even when using trendy or risky outfits. 


If you want to channel some Virgo energy into your everyday style, here is a quick cheat sheet:

Gold and pearls.

Virgos are natural-born perfectionists and all about structure. Their season gives us the energy and motivation to organize our ideas and turn them into new projects ⚡️.

They are not boring 🥱, just very dedicated to pursuing the life they want in a practicable way, just like a classic set of pearls. 

Look at the Hanging Pearls and Stones Choker - Yellow Gold! It is the perfect match for your business looks, or even for a coffee date with friends. It will make you feel beautiful while still complementing your personality.

Hanging Pearls and Stones Choker - Yellow Gold
Icons like Blake Lively, Sophia Loren, and Stella Mccartney are Virgos, and their style speaks for themselves.

Silver on your wrists.

We love our Omega Bracelet in silver! It is a piece that you can use over and over for all occasions. It is the perfect simple piece that you can use by itself or stack with other bracelets. Plus, you can create a set and pair it with the matching Omega Choker in Silver.

Omega Bracelet - Silver


Gold hoops are always a good idea!

Virgo women are careful with details. They are the backbone of the zodiac. They are committed to where they live and work, but at the same time, they are ready for changes because their mind is faster than an arrow.

A pair of gold hoops can be the perfect partner in every adventure. So run for these babies! The Mini Pave Hoop Earrings in Gold are a great choice for everyday looks.

We know that sometimes thinking about the perfect jewelry for each of your outfits can be hard, and that's why Virgos love basics! These are the perfect pieces to keep your classic style even when you encounter change.

Mini Pave Hoop Earrings - Yellow Gold

💭 Do you have any other suggestions? Tell us which pieces you will be wearing this Virgo season in the comments ⬇️.

Remember to feel free to play with your style while adding something that takes you out of your comfort zone.  


Virgo energy functions as a boost to achieve the goals that have been in our heads since January. We were thinking about them but now it's the time to make them happen, so start acting upon them!

Happy Virgo Season!♍️🧡