Learn how to style your favorite pieces for different occasions

Deciding what to wear is hard sometimes, especially when you're trying to create a stylish outfit with just a few pieces. There is a common misconception about needing lots of clothes to have a great style. Though we all dream of a walk-in closet, you don’t need thousands of pieces to make a statement look 🌟.

If you are looking for a way to look fresh with just a few pieces, this is the perfect reading! 

We will recommend 3 pieces of jewelry and how to style them in 3 ways. 👀 Remember, the most important part whenever you are wearing something is your self-confidence! 

Long beaded necklace

Check our colored beaded necklace and our gold and navy beaded necklace 🧿.

✔️Pros: easy to dress, versatile, multiple color options, easy for layering. 

✖️Cons: if you buy in the wrong place, they could last for very little. 

How to style them: 

  1. Dress up for work: long beaded necklaces are PERFECT for giving a special touch to your white button-up blouse, you can add a touch of color or simply make it more elegant if you want to look more classy. 
  2. Layer it! If you want to add depth to a look, a long beaded necklace works perfectly for layering. Either with clothes or with more jewelry, adding a necklace on top makes an outfit look polished. 
  3. Boho style. Probably the favorite and most common way to style a long beaded necklace is to go with your boho style. We love how it looks with a simple white tee and a long skirt. It helps the whole outfit look cohesive while adding color and a touch of personality. Great piece for your dream summer vacations, too!

Silver or gold chokers

Check our silver mini pave eyes choker and the gold omega chain choker.  

✔️Pros: matches with almost everything, easy to dress, looks elegant. 

✖️Cons: it should match with your skin tone. 

How to style them: 

  1. Show your neckline. Do you know that beautiful dress with a long neckline you have stored in your closet for months? Take it out!🤩 It looks perfect with a choker. Long necklines and metal chokers go perfectly together, the choker adds an elegant look while it combines with your elongated visuals. 
  2. Turtlenecks. It might not be the first choice, but a good turtleneck sweater with a choker on top can make you look nerdy to classy in seconds! Just make sure the choker matches the sweater to make your look cohesive. 
  3. Elegant evening: maybe a choker is not your first thought when you want to dress up for an elegant night, but metal chokers really change the whole look. These can look perfect with a long dress or even a power suit! 

Hoop earrings

Check our mini pave hoop earrings in gold and silver.

✔️Pros: it will enhance any outfit, and looks good for most occasions. 

✖️Cons: it has to be made of good material so it lasts longer (All of our jewelry is made of 925 Silver). 

How to style them: 
  1. Add it to your casual wear: you don’t know what to add to your jeans and white tee combo? Hoop earrings are always the answer, it looks good with almost everything, but for casual looks, it adds an elegant touch, no matter what you are wearing! 
  2. Formal looks. Having a girls night out? Again, hoop earrings! This accessory enhances your facial features, so for a night out, they are always great⚡️.  
  3. Slicked-back hair: this works for any occasion, but the best way to wear hoop earrings is definitely with slicked-back hair or a ponytail. It’s the perfect way to show your facial features, and if you combine it with cat-eye makeup or a bold red lip, you will look bomb!

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