What to wear during this Libra season to take advantage of the energy 

Trendy jewelry that matches the Libra personality  

Libra is one of the most refined signs of the zodiac. The energy flows and shines with the sun moving through Libra, a balance between body and soul 🧡.

During this season, we pay attention to our hearts and souls, we'll be all about going after what we want, which will make us happier and more satisfied humans in the process. Especially when it comes to styling our outfits. 


How to make your jewelry match your outfit? 🤩

In fashion, Libra people are in constant contact with reality and are very practical. 

They tend to prefer minimalism, clean aesthetics, and refined styles ✨.

Here are some suggestions on how to match our jewelry pieces to take advantage of the energy:


Silver Trends 

For a minimalistic personality, this spectacular Necklace with Mini Star Pave would be a perfect combination for different outfits.

A classic silver necklace with a star element is amazing for a Libra, they're all about looking great through simplicity. 

You can use this piece to go to the office, go out with friends, or even on a date. It's a perfect everyday necklace that you don't have to take off. 

Star Studs 

When it comes to stars, Libras like to shine bright. Our beautiful pair of earrings will encourage you to find peace and harmony in your days. Also, it will look amazing with the necklace did that we showed you before. We know how much Libras love to follow some trends while staying through to themselves. You have to try this set and see how it looks on you! 

Star Studs/Earrings

Mini Chunky Chain Heart Charm Bracelet - Silver

Last but not least, let's mix some heart and some lucky vibes! This beautiful bracelet is one of our top favorites for the Libra season.

The Mini Chunky Chain Heart Charm Bracelet has simple details that are perfect for every single occasion. You can mix and match and use all these pieces together or separately.  

Mini Chunky Chain Heart Charm Bracelet - Silver

This bracelet is the perfect starting piece for a marvelous stack. Look at all our bracelets and shop your favorites. 

If you get these pieces, you will look amazing and extremely confident during this season.

Libras are amazing at using (and trusting) their own intuition. They are great at launching new initiatives and tendencies. 

However, Libras consider multiple perspectives in all pursuits, these air signs struggle with indecision. So you don't have to think about it anymore, just follow this list and get ready for that dinner party, brunch, or important meeting.

This is a great opportunity to open your mind and think about how many combinations you could make with all our collections so definitely get creative and shop all

You’ll have that feeling in your gut that it’s go time—and you’ll get everything you want. Libra season is also great for your social life. You don’t want your days to be all about work and no play, after all. You’ll be ready to connect with a lot of different people at your favorite restaurant or connect with friends at an outdoor concert. 

Do you have any other suggestions? Tell us which pieces you will be wearing this Virgo season in the comments ⬇️

Happy Libra Season! ♎️