Spring is here and summer is rapidly approaching, and we could not be more excited. We’re loving all the colorful looks we’ve been seeing lately, and adding even more color to our wrists is just a dream come true. 

We’ve created amazing lucky pieces that you can wear together or separately and we’ve especially curated dozens of sets for you to pick! 

There are never enough bracelets and chokers in our jewelry collection, especially when the warmer weather is coming up and we want to show off all of our amazing outfits. 

If you’re looking for new pieces to change your look, you have to check these out: 

The Mediterranean Ombré Collection 

If you love color, these are the perfect pieces for you. Whether you get just one Sky Blue ombré bracelet or a whole set of 5 in brick red or any other color, you need at least one bracelet from this collection on your daily stack. 

The ombré looks add something very special to your looks because even though it’s the same color, you can match it with all types of different tones. Plus, matching different sets of the Mediterranean Ombré bracelets looks amazing! Who knew brick red and sky blue would look so great together? 

Shop the collection:

Mediterranean Ombre Eye Bead Bracelet - Brick Red

Mediterranean Ombre Eye Bead Bracelet - Sky Blue

Mediterranean Ombre Eye Bead Bracelet - Emerald

Mediterranean Ombre Eye Bead Bracelet - Sparkling Gold

Mediterranean Ombre Eye Bead Bracelet - Pink Sand

The Cannes Chunky Ball Basics 

Looking for the perfect Spring/Summer basic? This bracelet trio is exactly what you’ve been looking for. The Cannes Bracelets make a statement when worn together or separately, and you can even get the matching chokers. If you love gold and basic jewelry that will look good with every single one of your looks, you will love these chunky balls. 

Shop Cannes basics: 

The Chunky Balls Set - 3 Bracelets

Cannes Ball Necklace - Yellow Gold 

Cannes Ball Small Necklace - YG

Do you love butterflies? 

We love seeing some pastel colors in the Spring. The Rainbow Butterflies Choker is a very delicate and feminine choker that is trendy, colorful, and unique. You can make a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt look stunning just by adding this choker and some gold GT bracelets. 

Shop chokers.

The Rainbow Choker - Spring Edition 

The happy and lucky vibes of finding the end of a rainbow are the same we get every time we wear the Rainbow Choker - Spring Edition. This classic GT favorite now comes in all spring colors that will make every single person look at your neck when you have it on! 

Two favorites in one: the protection of the evil eye charm with the happy and lucky vibes of the rainbow. 

The Marseille’s Set 

And if you want to add a little shine to all the other jewelry pieces we’ve recommended in this post, you can get our Marseille bracelets. They come in four amazing colors: the classic zirconia, green, blue, and pink. 

All of them can be combined with other bracelets of the same color, or even together. We’re all about color blocking, so we’ve been loving the set that has all of them!

Shop The Shiny Colorful Set - 4 Bracelets


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