The magic of color in your summer outfits ☀️🌈

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Color is everything we see this season, and we see it everywhere. Summer 2021 is still here, and we’re as excited as we were on the first day to keep mixing colors.

We’ve seen celebrities, fashion bloggers and even our friends apply all the amazing colorful trends, like color blocking and creating total monochromatic looks🧡.

Going after bright colors is a must during these warm few months. A top and shorts or some light pieces that you can combine with a light jacket are the perfect elements to take your style to the next level. 
People will be turning their heads to see how amazing your outfits look if you combine colors😎. 

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The secret of combining colors:

There are three ways you can know what colors will look great together. Even though you can google some color palettes and try to follow them, we’re going to give you a little trick. To always look amazing you can try to go for: either complementary, triadic, or monochrome color schemes. 

The color wheel is the most commonly used tool to select which colors to combine.


🧡Complementary schemes: 

Newton’s color wheel is the most commonly used to find out which colors complement each other. Complementary colors are the ones that cancel each other out when we mix them together. In other words, these colors are the ones that turn grey or black when combined (they lose all hue). 

There are three theories used when it comes to complementary colors: 

When we use the RGB or CMYK models:

  • Red - Cyan 
  • Green - Magenta
  • Blue - Yellow

In the traditional RYB model:

  • Red - Green 
  • Yellow - Violet 
  • Blue - Orange 

And the opponent-process theory says that the most contrasting colors are:

  • Red - Green 
  • Blue - Yellow

🌈Triadic color schemes: 

This method is a three-color combination, one base color and two other colors which are 120 degrees and 240 degrees apart from the base color. By using this scheme, you usually get saturated colors even if you use pale hues. It maintains the harmony while still using colors that look extremely good together and balance each other out! 

This method is most common in artists and celebrities because it adds richness to their looks. While not being total opposites, the colors create a special contrast and achieve a very specific modern look. 

Here is some #inspo for color-blocking outfits we love:

You can mix colorful looks with the perfect colorful jewelry pieces. Our Lucky Eyes collection is full of options that will work with any look you’re trying to create. 

Have you tried color block outfits yourself? Tell us about your experience at the end of the post! 

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💙Monochrome color schemes:

The name itself tells us everything about this method. You choose one color and go from there. Basically, you can select one single hue and combine different tones and shades.

These looks are very popular right now, known by many as “total looks.” Colors are modified by adding white or black, making the same color darker or lighter.

Imagine an entire outfit with red pieces… maybe you’re using bright red heels and a slightly more muted red for your pants and purse. These looks are usually elegant and catch people’s eyes, while still not having lots of contrast. 

Here is some #inspo for monochromatic outfits we love:

We also love wearing and creating monochrome looks. We believe these outfits look amazing and create such a unique and different vibe.

For these looks, you can either use a Cool Basic to accessorize or choose a new jewelry piece that is the same color as everything else.  

🤗 What do you think? Are you more of a monochromatic girl, or do you love color-blocking different colors?