Magic and joy are in the air!

"It's just what I wanted!” How often do you hear this when a loved one opens a gift from you? Not as often as you'd hope? We can help with that.

Jewelry is a priceless gift on any occasion. It provides shine, style, and power.

Our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide includes the best suggestions for this season. Whether you are shopping for a girl, teenager, executive woman, stay-at-home mom, or fashion designer, we've got all the ideas you will need this season.

It’s the season of giving – let it also be the season of giving wisely.

Rainbow Eye Choker - Fall Colors

An all-time favorite of the #GTGirls is now available in its Fall Edition. Perfect for a Holiday gift, this necklace will provide protective vibes while being the perfect simple piece that can be used with any outfit.  

Bead Bracelet with Majestic Evil Eye

A single or multiple bead bracelet with majestic evil eyes are the perfect options. Who doesn't love to wear a stack of gold bracelets with evil eyes? The best vibes and a gift that every woman will love. From the girl who just started college to the modern grandma. 

Our Sparkling Gold version has been a crowd favorite this past month, but you can shop all the different colors. 

Colored Bead Bracelet with Majestic Evil Eye

Our statement bracelets are also available with colored beads, these ones are amazing for women who love to wear more color all year round and for those who are a little bit riskier when it comes to outfits. 

Chunky 3 Link Earring - Silver 

These are amazing for our silver lovers. The Link Earrings are a statement piece, bold, classic, and perfect for your holiday looks. 

Single Pearl Necklace

A simple, one-charm necklace is a great idea for your classic girls. It adds an elegant touch to their looks, it's still modern and can be layered with many other chokers and necklaces. 

LUCKY Colored Bead Bracelet

Protective vibes for the wrists to brighten any look and give a mood-boosting splurge. Similar to ice cream but without the calories LOL

Mini Chunky Chain Bracelet - Yellow Gold

This bracelet is amazing! This gold chain can be used every single day with other pieces and by itself. Since it's so classic, it's a perfect gift for everyone.

Mini Cuban Link Eye Choker - Yellow Gold

This choker is stunning, the perfect combination to have the perfect outfit for holidays. 

Mini Pave Eyes Choker - Silver

This choker adds shine and brightness to your looks. No matter the age, it can be used, every #GTGirl will love it.

Mini Pave Hoop Earrings - Yellow Gold

A beautiful pair of hoops that can add something unique to a shiny dress. They would also look stunning with your hair styled up. 

A jewelry piece always makes a difference. You can give the perfect gift to the amazing women you have in your life.  

You are not giving just a piece of something, you are giving confidence.

This holiday season, be unique! Share your favorite jewelry with the people you love the most! Remember we're having a 20% off sitewide special during the next few weeks. 

What is the jewelry piece that you are going to give this season? Tell us in the comments.