Welcome to another fashion year with us!

Our number one resolution is to add color and style to all of our outfits this year. 

We all know the past couple of years have been strange, to say the least. However, we believe we always have to live our best life and that's why we're working to achieve all of our New Year's resolutions. 

Looking fantastic and fashionable is an everyday duty. It may not be easy sometimes, we might not feel good or have time to think about our outfits, but an extra special touch never hurts.

We have created a guide for you to get inspired and create fashionable combinations. These are the pieces you need to have to shine through this 2022.

1. Mini Cuban Link Eye Choker - Yellow Gold

This beautiful piece is a must-have because it’s perfect for every occasion. The gold chain with colorful evil eyes protects you and adds something magical to your looks. You can wear this choker on a get-together with friends, a night out, or a brunch with your friends.

2. Pave Eye and Rainbow Hanging Stones Choker - Yellow Gold

This is a #GTGirl favorite. This choker is the perfect combination of classic evil eyes with colorful stones. 

This piece looks good with both a white tee and a little black dress. Perfect to use to celebrate something special or at a party. 

3. Bead bracelet with Pave Eye - Yellow Gold

You know we're all about happy and lucky vibes. This is one of our newest bracelets and we want to wear it all 2022 long. You can use this bracelet as a sign of clarity and good vibes. It's beautiful, elegant, and classic so you can perfectly wear it to a more formal event like a business meeting or a day in the office.

4. Bead Bracelet with Majestic Evil Eye - Yellow Gold and Sparkling Gold

If we want to do one thing in 2022 is to glow and shine. This bracelet definitely stands out with all the gold shiny beads and a beautiful sparkling gold evil eye that protects you and makes you stand out.

This is really an everyday piece. It doesn't matter if you are going on a date, business meeting, or a party, this bracelet looks good with everything!

Plus, you can mix and match all our bracelets together. 

5. Rainbow Eye Bracelet - Yellow Gold

We love unique combinations just like you do, and as you can see, this bracelet allows you to wear lots of different colors and even many different jewelry pieces that you can mix together. 

This rainbow bracelet is an amazing piece that always makes us feel happy. If you're feeling down, look at your wrist and smile. 

This year, remember to love yourself, be creative with your outfits, and work on your goals. Focus on what really matters: staying healthy, working on yourself, and caring for those you love. 

"Fashion has to reflect who you are, what you feel at the moment, where you're going" 

Pharrell Williams

What is the jewelry piece that you're going to show off this new year? Tell us in the comments.