Have you seen those girls on Instagram that wear 5 necklaces at the same time and look amazing! But you have no idea how to do it? We got you 😎

Wintertime is basically here already, and the best way to boost your outfit is adding some accessories that add some shine to your face and some personality to your outfits. Necklaces and chokers are the best options for this, and layering them makes you look stylish and it adds depth and personality to any look. 

Layering can get very messy if you don’t have some basic notions about it, but here we have some tips to help you master this technique on your next looks.

1. Choose your base: this will be the anchor for the rest of the look, you build the style around this necklace. It should be simple, but don’t be afraid to wear a base that takes you out of your comfort zone. One of our favorites to wear as a base is the classic Omega Chain Choker - Yellow Gold, but if you want to try a bolder move, the Eye Pave Rainbow Medallion Necklace is also a great choice. 

2. Add texture: this is where you add some detail. We recommend adding pieces that look different than your usual chain. If it goes with your style and looks, you can even add some color. A trick would be to add a choker that is already double, like our Double Strand Mini Chunky and Mini Ball Chain - Yellow Gold. We also love the Rainbow Eye Choker - Yellow Gold or the Colored Bead Rainbow Eye Choker. 

3. Finish it with a focal point: the best way to add a focal point is adding a necklace with a pendant, this is your centerpiece and it makes the whole look cohesive. We love our Single Pearl Necklace, the crystals on this one Pave Star Necklace - Silver or even something riskier like the Colored Bead Choker with Hanging Pearl

You already know the basics when it comes to layering pieces this winter, so here's what you should take into consideration when you are buying necklaces and chokers: 

- Consider the neckline of your tops: your shirt is like a frame to your necklaces, and the necklaces are a frame to your face. All of them should create a beautiful combination that makes your neck look longer and slim. To achieve this, ensure the colors of your clothes are a good contrast with the accessories, and also that the neckline of your top doesn’t clash with your necklaces. 

- Make combinations in odd numbers: have you heard about the rule of the 3 principles? It says that the perfect number of anything is 3. For layering necklaces, this actually works very well. Try combinations of 3 or 5, this will give you a more pleasant look.

- Mix metals: if you asked your grandma if it’s okay to combine gold and silver she would probably tell you it is an atrocity, but for the last few years it has been trending and it looks very bold! 

Some of the best looks come from pairing different styles, not only on length and number but also colors, metals, texture, and stones. 

The most important rule for layering necklaces is to never be afraid of breaking the rules! All the trends in the world were made by people who decided to try something new and out of the box, so don’t be afraid to be a trendsetter! 

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