Take me where summer never ends  🏝

We adore the Mediterranean! Our jewelry is not only inspired by the beauty of this destination but is also handcrafted there! 

The beauty of the most popular western sea is shared by 20 countries, including Greece, Italy, and Morocco. So there's quite a lot of places to visit (trust us, you'd want to know them all!).

What makes the Mediterranean so iconic is its stunning blue water that goes along the most breathtaking historical villages. The Mediterranean region is also known for its cuisine, and no matter where you go, it is a beautiful summer destination!

We have some specific places we think you would love, plus some accessories that will match your perfect summer outfit. 

1. Albufeira, Portugal

This beautiful fishing village on the Mediterranean coast of Portugal is great if you want to spend a chill time by the sea, especially if you are on a trip with your partner, as it gets very romantic during the night. 💕

We believe our Long Beaded Necklace with 7 Majestic Evil Eyes in Yellow Gold and Navy will look great with your outfit for a candlelit romantic dinner in Albufeira. 

2. Antalya, Turkey

Antalya is a great place if you need to disconnect and regain some energy, it has wonderful beaches that contrast with mountains in the background, and they have a great night scene.

Antalya is also one of the oldest cities in the world, you can enjoy lots of history in  its museums which in some cases can even be visited at night.

For a walking day around Antalya’s Old Town, we recommend getting something colorful that matches the colors of the city, like our Rainbow Eye Choker - Yellow Gold.

3. Tangier, Morocco

Tangier is also known as the white city because of the color of the houses in the city. If you are not looking directly at the sea, you are probably looking at the beautiful white houses with Moroccan architecture, built dozens of years ago. 

But Tangier is not only white. It is full of beautiful beaches with clear water and tiny mountains made of spices that you can find in the local markets. The earthy colors make it a perfect city for sightseeing and relaxing.

To match the earthy tones in Tangier but also stand out, we would recommend our Colored Bead Bracelet with Majestic Evil Eye in Coral. It is the perfect combination of elegant gold with a touch of color for Morocco.

*Fun fact: Our name was actually inspired by the name of this city. Our family comes from Tangier so we thought it was an amazing opportunity to honor our roots and mix the beauty of jewelry with the amazing landscapes of this Mediterranean city! 🥰

4. Zante, Greece

You probably have never heard of this greek island before, but it is definitely one of the most beautiful ones you can find in Greece. It is widely known for its nightlife. But if that is not your thing, you can also shoot amazing and unique drone footage at the beach or simply go to a beach and relax with a cocktail in your hand.

For your party night in Zante, get our Chunky 3 Link Earring - Silver to match with your best mini dress. 

5. Rimini, Italy

If you want to live your movie-like Italian dream, Rimini is the perfect place. With its broad piazzas and the cleanest beaches you can find in Italy, Rimini is definitely one of the best destinations to visit in the Mediterranean. Rimini also has insanely great food options, even if you are on a budget!

For your next lunch date in Rimini, get a stack of our Colored Bead Bracelet with Majestic Evil Eye in Yellow and find your next Italian summer love.

Suitcases ready? 🧳

The Mediterranean is a very large place, and we are only able to mention some of the marvelous places you can visit when you go there. Get your summer outfits ready and some jewelry to match, we can’t wait to see your next post on Instagram from the Mediterranean sea!

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