Astrology is super fun! We love to find out how our zodiac sign can give us some hints of our personality and the things we might like.

Ok, we already saw it with Taurus Season, but Gemini Season already started! 

So how do you accessorize to match with the ruling zodiac sign of the moment?

Gemini is known for its duality, for us that sounds like the perfect opportunity to mix and match, but let’s check some other characteristics for Gemini:

Geminis are highly adaptable, I think we can all agree their expression of duality can translate to being the life of the party everywhere. Even the most introverted Geminis can easily find the right words and adjust to any situation.

You might have heard this before, Geminis are known for being witty and curious. They tend to have more than one passion, a few groups of friends, and sometimes more than one career path. This is all because of how curious they are, they are typically very intelligent and try to seek an answer for everything.

And a very prominent characteristic is how adventurous Geminis are! If you are looking for a partner for your next random trip to the Mediterranean, your Gemini friend is the one.

Gemini’s power color is yellow, which just like the people with this zodiac sign, is very bright and entertaining. This color inspires happiness and good energy. Other colors that match Geminis’ energy are jade, green, white, and pink.

Our Yellow Bead Choker with Majestic Evil Eye seems like the perfect piece for this season. Plus, you can match with many Yellow Bead Bracelets with Majestic Evil Eyes in Yellow.

So how to accessorize for Gemini season? We have some tips for you!

  1. Mix and match like a true Gemini: Have you ever thought mixing silver and gold was too risky? This is your chance to try it out! We recommend the Omega Chain Choker in Gold with the Mini Chunky Chain - Silver
  2. Shine bright with the right colors: the brightest colors are what characterizes Geminis the most. We love the combination between the Pink Bead Choker with Majestic Evil Eye - Pink and the Long Necklace with Tangerine Leaves - Yellow Gold
  3. Get some dangly bracelets: as the fashion icon Iris Apfel once said, “More is more and less is a bore” and we want to honor that statement just like Geminis deserve and embrace - exaggerating everything! 

To get that look, stacking bracelets really help, we recommend stacking some of the Yellow Bead Bracelet with Majestic Evil Eye - Yellow, then add Colored Bead Bracelet with Majestic Evil Eye - Pink to add more depth to the look. 

Some bold hoops also help with the adventurous look, we really love the Medium Beaded Hoops - Yellow Gold and Turquoise.

The best part of Gemini season is that it goes great with the summer and spring colors that are trending right now. Looking bright during May and June never made so much sense!

Honestly, what you need the most to look your best as a Gemini is confidence! The best part of showing off your adventurous and quirky side is getting to know yourself and all the looks you can pull off when you put on the confidence suit.