It doesn’t matter if you like a simpler or more extravagant style, layering is the way to go.

We are all about mixing our basics with some other statement pieces that will make any look stand out. Especially during the spring and summer, adding some extra color to those layers can make you look amazing and trendy. Nonetheless, we know layering multiple necklaces is an art and is not always easy.

Even though it looks like layering necklaces is effortless, it’s usually something we have to think a lot about so that it looks perfect. Hence, we have five tips for you to become an expert in the art of layering.


1. Everything is about symmetry.

Remember necklaces frame your face and bring attention to that area. Start with the shortest and go longer from there. You can use a choker to start with, maybe a 14” necklace, and then layer the longer ones, you can go as long as you want, but remember to try to have different layers between the shortest and longest.

We recommend layering at least three necklaces so that it looks best! However, if you’re starting, you can try only using two. Layers that don’t match might make space look a little too filled.

Look at how we styled three necklaces here.


2. It’s all about mixing and matching.

Match simpler everyday necklaces with statement necklaces. Make sure they look good together but try to mix different styles. Try mixing thin and thicker chains, and remember you can also organize your layers based on thickness.

When layering based on how thick your chains are, start with the thinner ones and place the thicker ones after that.

Our mini chunky chain is a great option to start with.


3. Add some color

Many people prefer to stick with one metal, either silver or gold, or to just do metals. We say that’s a NO for us.

Even though we’re very classic, we always say that you should not be scared of color!

Especially during the upcoming seasons, colors can look amazing in your layers. Imagine yourself at the beach, layering necklaces that include the color of your bathing suit!

You can always match simpler pieces to some colorful ones. If you don’t want to go “too out there,” try a gold or silver chain with a colorful charm.

Maybe our XL Evil Eye Bead Choker - Yellow Gold and Navy works for you!


4. Choose your focal point

You can match different styles, lengths, and thicknesses, but you should always pick one necklace to be your focal point. 

If you’re starting to layer your necklaces, your focal point can be a coin necklace like our Necklace with Ancient Sun Coin or a colorful bead necklace in the middle, such as the XL Evil Eye Colored Bead Choker. 

However, when layering there should be more simple necklaces and one piece that screams “look at me.”


5. When in doubt, simple is the answer!

If you’re not feeling like adding too much color or a huge charm necklace, you can always choose basics. You can get some ideas from our cool basics collection.

There is no such thing as too many basics, so choosing your three favorite simple necklaces (that are different lengths) and pairing them together can always be your go-to on those days you don’t feel too adventurous.

The best part: it still looks great.