Mixing and matching jewelry is one of our favorite hobbies and one of our most appreciated talents. You may be thinking: “isn’t jewelry always supposed to match?,” and to that, we say NO. 

We love creating new looks with more colorful pieces. We believe that you are allowed to break some ancient rules. We love using various colors in our outfits, mixing metals, and using big and small pieces together. We also believe some rules can be really helpful to make you look great every single time!

We’ve decided to share with you some of the rules we try to follow and have worked for us when it comes to mixing colorful pieces.


You can use lots of colors but pick one to focus on

There are two ways to go about this rule. You can either do one main color throughout all your pieces or have different colors but show the primary one either through a bigger charm of that color and match it with other colors

For reference, if you pick to go only with one color, you can use several pieces that have a lot of different tones of that color, rings that have blue on them, a turquoise evil eye necklace, and some other chains with charms.

For the second one, we would recommend mixing them in a way that shows what the main color is at first sight. 

Don’t go TOO crazy

We love color and go crazy with it, but not TOO crazy. If you chose the second option and will try to use many colors. We recommend sticking to the same tones. For example, if you’re wearing bright colors, then try to stick to them, but if you’re doing something more pastel, then those are the colors that you’ll want to go for.

This will allow you to still catch everybody’s attention but have some sort of harmony in your look. Apply this to all of your jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings) and your outfits too! 

Learn about color theory

We could talk about color theory for hours, but the main thing you need to know is what is if your skin has warm or cold undertones. By knowing this, you’ll be able to match the colors that look best with your skin.

If you have warm undertones, you should use warm colors and vice-versa. If you are one of the lucky ones, your skin has neutral undertones and you can wear all of the colors! (We wish we were you)

To find an idea of what colors fit you best you can follow these guidelines:

  • Cool skin has pink, red, or blue undertones. 
  • Warm skin has yellow, peachy, golden undertones. 

Pair unique pieces with everyday jewelry

A great way to combine styles, metals, and colors is to combine the bracelets you wear on a daily basis with a unique piece that is more colorful.

The perfect formula is to add to whatever you know looks good and make it look better! Imagine having the pieces you already love and making them pop even more.

Stacking different pieces also helps when mixing metals. Don’t be scared to use gold, silver, and rose gold together. You add some colorful beads to your stack at the end and everything will make sense.

Our latest collection is colorful and we love it! Check it out. 

“We only wear jewelry on days ending with y,” and that’s why we year jewelry every day😜.