Jewelry is one of our biggest passions. All women love jewels because they make us feel UNIQUE, PRETTY, AND EXCLUSIVE. 

Gold vs. silver-colored jewelry has been a debated topic for a long time, and there is a lot of confusion about which metal to choose.

The first thing we have to determine is what colors favor us the most. Have you ever wondered what undertone is your skin? Is it warm or cold? We have to pay attention to it. Even the color of our eyes and hair will influence it!

Checking what your skin's undertone is might be a little tricky. So here's a great way to do it...

Find an orange and pink cloth. Once you have them, stand in front of a mirror and place both of them near your face. 

Start comparing the two and looking for the one that adds more light to your features and which one makes you look more pale or opaque. 

If the orange color gives you the most luminosity, you have warm undertones. On the contrary, if the pink color benefits you the most, you have cold undertones. If both look great, congratulations! You're one of the lucky ones with neutral undertones. 

Silver usually looks better on you if you have cold undertones and you might want to choose gold jewelry if you have warmer skin. You can break these rules as you please, but if you prefer to choose jewelry that fits you best and match your sense of style, remember we have pieces for all.  

We're here to help you find the pieces that will work best for you.

Here are some suggestions: 

If you have warmer skin, this Majestic Evil Eye Bead Choker in Yellow Gold and Sparkling Gold is perfect. 

You can wear it with a casual look or even something more elegant. The sparkling gold color allows you to use it in many different situations. 

For colder skins, the Rainbow Eye Choker in Silver shows the contrast of the colors and suits your skin tone, combine this one with any look you want. It's going to be amazing!

You can match that choker with the Bead Bracelet with Evil Eye - Silver and Navy. A beautiful piece for all of our silver lovers. 

A great way to make sure that the jewelry piece will match you perfectly is to go for a colored bead choker. If you like color, shop the Majestic Evil Eye Colored Bead Choker - Sparkling Gold. It's perfect for everyone. 

Or you could try some metal mixing. Using gold and silver is trending and will make anyone look great.

For example, pick a dominant color and add highlights with another. You can try combining different colors to stack, layer different necklaces, and see how everything looks. 

If your undertone is warm add more gold and vice-versa if your undertone is colder. 

Ultimately whether you choose to wear gold or silver jewelry, should be entirely down to personal preference, your sense of aesthetics, and budget. 

As always, we just want to give you some advice, but the idea is that all of us can be ourselves rather than be like everyone else. Our top tip is: go with what makes you feel good about yourself.

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