Do you love basics as much as we do?

You can mix and match them with staple pieces and create any look! 

After mostly being at home the past year, your basics might have become your staple pieces too.

Yes, we are talking about that silk blouse, your favorite neutral crop top, or even that little dress you took out for spring!

It's very easy to mix basics with other basics, like a white tee with jeans or a simple dress with simple tennis shoes. This is where jewelry can help you give a glam touch! 

Here is how you can match your jewelry to step up your basics: 

  • 1. Silk blouse & metal: 
  • Silk is already very glam, but if you want to raise the bar, mix it with metals. Stacking different necklaces and bracelets together also makes your look more elegant and it makes your neck look longer and slimmer.

    We recommend stacking our Triple Strand Necklace with Evil Eyes - Rose Gold and Navy and our Evil Eye Bead Choker - Rose Gold and Navy for your neck.

    As for bracelets, we recommend stacking a few of our Bead Bracelet with Evil Eye - Rose Gold and Navy and our Colored Bead Bracelet with Majestic Evil Eye - Coral

  • 2. Mix & match for your white tee
  • Your day-to-day white t-shirt can look very elegant if you match it with the right accessories. A great option is to add a pop of color to add more layers to your look, and if you mix it with some metals = perfect look!

    You can wear colors like yellow, turquoise, and coral, and then mix these colors with some gold or silver.

    Try matching our Rainbow Eye Choker - Yellow Gold with the Majestic Evil Eye Bead Choker - Yellow Gold and Navy or the Turquoise Bead Choker with Majestic Evil Eye - Turquoise with the Omega Chain Choker - Yellow Gold.

    To add more depth to the look, you can also wear some medium size gold hoops, like our Small Hoops with Evil Eye - Yellow Gold.

  • Add layers to your dresses
  • To make your little black dress stand out and make your waist look snatched, try wearing long necklaces that bring attention to your torso.

    Long necklaces also look great when you match them with chokers and some small studs in your ears.

    We love combining our Long Necklace with Evil Eyes - Silver and Navy and Evil Eye Necklace - Silver and Navy. And for the studs, try our Pave Eye Studs - Silver.

    If you don’t like long necklaces that much, you can also experiment with multiple stranded necklaces. We recommend our Double Strand Necklace with Lucky Coins and Evil Eyes - Silver or the Triple Strand Necklace with Evil Eyes - Silver and Navy.


    Hey, your basics don’t have to look so basic! Even with the simplest t-shirt, you can look stunning and elegant if you add the right accessories.

    Make your white tees stand out and your magic shine through with some beautiful jewelry and show us in your next Instagram story. Don’t forget to tag us at @golden_tangerine.