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Double Strand Necklace with Tangerine Leaves



Product Details

This double necklace is made with 925 sterling silver chain and 35 tangerine leaves. It belongs to our exclusive Tangerine Fields collection and was made thinking of the citric energy of Sicily. It is sold individually.  Everything is handmade in the Mediterranean. It is available in a silver, yellow gold and rose gold plated chain. 43 cm + 10 cm extension. 16,92 in + 3,93 in extension. 1st row - 34 cm - 14 gt leaves 0.8 cm - 1 cm apart/ 2nd row - 43 cm - 21 gt leaves 0.8 cm - 4 cm apart. 1st row - 13.38 in - 14 gt leaves 0.31 in - 0.39 in apart/ 2nd row - 16.92 in - 21 gt leaves 0.31 in - 1.57 in apart.

Simple, double or triple strand

 Life is too short, necklaces shouldn’t be

 Wearing a necklace around your neck can completely change the way you feel and reflect the mood you are in. More than a simple ornament, a great piece embodies part of your personality while giving that finishing touch your outfit may need. Golden Tangerine has as many options as possible combinations for you to layer up and express however you want.

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