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How To Clean Your Jewelry the Mediterranean Way

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What does the heart in your jewelry mean?

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  • February 26 2019 – Gabriela Tuaty

    The 3 essential pieces in your jewelry box

    If you are one of those women who has a carefully curated closet that meets your needs and keeps you at the top of the trends, you know that there are also essential pieces that should be in your jewelry box. Attractive pieces that never go out of style, and seduce and dazzle when you wear them. What pieces should...

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  • December 18 2018 – Gabriela Tuaty

    Why do we develop feelings / affection towards our jewels?

    Receiving a jewel as an inheritance has a great sentimental meaning, it connects us with the most important moments and situations of the people we love and strengthens the bonds between the women of the family. Behind a jewel there is always a motive, a celebration, a past that lasts through time and arrives to our jewelry box in the...

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