What we choose as a differentiating element in our wardrobe always goes beyond a simple decision, it represents the vision we have about our environment and our life. The world of jewelry is not exempt from this symbolism, on the contrary, it provides us with an infinite range of possibilities, elements and forms. And of course, the heart is one of the most precious symbols to wear.

To the heart are attributed a great number of meanings, we can count among the most important ones: love, friendship, femininity and union. The heart symbolizes the central point of emotions and feelings.

In jewelry it is common to find it in earrings, bracelets and rings. But without a doubt, the necklace or pendant with heart is one of the most representative pieces. A versatile and very timeless way to declare love for another person or for oneself.
A design that reflects the greatest feeling that exists is the best gift to give on a special occasion, a safe bet when giving something more than a piece of jewelry. If you want to see the Golden Tangerine Heart collection, click here.