If you are one of those women who has a carefully curated closet that meets your needs and keeps you at the top of the trends, you know that there are also essential pieces that should be in your jewelry box. Attractive pieces that never go out of style, and seduce and dazzle when you wear them. What pieces should be in your jewelry box, you ask? Here a top 3 of the “must haves” in terms of your jewelry:

In gold, platinum or silver, with precious or semi precious stones, rings are a very personal complement. When it comes to jewelry for life, no doubt a ring is the first on the list. Recommendations? Designs with quartz, rock crystal, white diamonds and yellow diamonds.

The bracelet is a beautiful piece that adorns the wrist, we can take advantage of all the existing design range, from floral, geometric or more eccentric shapes with symbols. We can even try a variety of stones or gems. Check out our bracelet catalog by clicking here.

The necklace is a classic and a definite “must have” to complete the look. It frames the face and defines our neck. It can also be as unique as you wish, from the double strand with stones, to a simple motto such as Good Vibes to fill us with good energy.

Modern or vintage pieces, in gold or silver, your jewelry should be an extension of your lifestyle.