Blonde woman wearing GT bracelets

Are you ready for some serious passion in your life? Because we are already in the middle of Scorpio season (October 23 - November 21)

The essence of Scorpio energy is magnetic, passionate, and loyal. Intense is the word most commonly associated with Scorpios, and they tend to live up to the hype. 

They stand by their beliefs, and they don't crave anyone else's approval. Scorpio is like the big, bad elder sister of the Water sign crew. 

The fixation most near and dear to Scorpios, in particular, is dark glamour. Although every sign gets to enjoy a bit of black lipstick during this time, Scorpios live in the shadows all year long. 


How can I use the power of Scorpio season in my jewelry game?

During this season, people tend to be classy but a little bit dark and, at the same time, stay trendy.

As a sign that loves evolving and transformation, no one does makeovers better than a Scorpio. We are going to suggest to you some of our unique pieces for this season.

  • Be classy but make a statement

For people who have strong personalities and want to show that, our Double Strand Mini Chunky and Mini Ball Chain will give your outfit a unique and modern touch.

Some famous Scorpio celebrities are Julia Roberts, the super stylish Kris and Kendall Jenner, and the elegant Anne Hathaway. They always keep it classy and look spectacular with every look they create. 

  • Be colorful but still dark 

The Rainbow Eye Choker in Fall Colors will add so much to your outfits. It makes you look trendy while showing that fall is here. It’s the perfect match between the weather and the zodiac sign.

Another celebrity that breaks stereotypes and shows her unique personality is Katy Perry. She is always trying to push the envelope and do something different, which might be because she was born under the sign of Scorpio.

  • Add something special to your wrist

An evil eye bead bracelet is always a favorite but Scorpios. Our Bead Bracelet with Evil Eye in Yellow Cold and Green looks amazing this season. Green is a crowd’s favorite for the upcoming month and a great idea to create a fantastic outfit.

  • Adding some navy never fails

This season is ideal to change your hair color, get a new tattoo, add another piercing to one (or both) of your ears, or experiment with eye makeup outside of your typical comfort zone. But it’s also the perfect time to wear darker outfits and jewelry… and navy never fails.

Our Colored Bead Bracelet with Majestic Evil Eye - Navy mixes some fun colors with a classic navy evil eye that you can mix and match with other bracelets.


If you get these pieces, you will look amazing and extremely confident during this season.

Do you have any other suggestions? Tell us which pieces you will be wearing this Scorpio season in the comments.

Lastly, we just want to remind you to bring the bravery and boldness of Team Scorpio into your style even if you’re not a Scorpio. They are known for their burning passion, which seeps into almost all areas of life, this explains why they shine in their path and give light to everyone around them. 

Happy Scorpio Season!