Mother’s Day is coming very soon and there might be some last-minute shoppers struggling to figure out what to get mom. Someone very wise once said you can’t go wrong giving jewelry to a woman, and we couldn’t agree more. 

Mom is our inspiration, support, biggest fan, friend, and guide. Even though we all remember the times when our moms made us feel frustrated too, they are also the only ones who are always there to put a smile on our faces or make us feel special.

Mother’s day is the one day where we can go all out to feel our moms feel as special as they make us feel every day.

And there is a piece of jewelry for every single mom. There are simpler and more colorful styles of jewelry. Some perfect for the everyday look and some statement pieces.


For the colorful mom

The mom who loves color will love our newest collection. The Majestic Evil Eye collection is full of color. The evil eye will protect your mom from bad vibes while adding a pop of color to all of her outfits (you can read the history and meaning of the evil here).

We have some Jade bracelets that are perfect for the summer and super colorful. 

We also have our more classic yet still colorful Evil Eye Necklace, and a crowd favorite the Rainbow Eye Choker. 

Or some of our mother’s day favorites:

- Colored Bead Bracelet with Majestic Evil Eye $38

- Rainbow Eye Choker $60

- Evil Eye Necklace $30

- Turquoise Bead Bracelet with Majestic Evil Eye $38

Check out our entire eyes collection here. 


For the classic mom

Our basics are good for mother and daughter! You can even get some matching pieces because these accessories will work with every outfit and are perfect to mix and match and create perfect layers!

A great basic chain can elevate any look! And we guarantee your mom will love how she looks. Remember our pieces are 925 Sterling Silver.


Here are our top 3 basics to get for your mom:

- Mini Chunky Chain $78

- Omega Chain Choker $50

- Bead choker $50 

Check out our entire basics collection here.


For the Mediterranean mom

The perfect look for the modern and chic mom who wants to use yellow gold or silver statement pieces and everyday pieces.


These four accessories are a must in every moms jewelry box:

- Double Strand Necklace with Hanging Pearls $42

- Single Lucky Coin Necklace $24.50

- Mini Triangles Curb Chain Necklace $70

- Hanging stones choker $60

Check out entire Mediterranean collection here.


For the romantic mom

Is your mom a romantic? What describes loves more than a heart? The answer: nothing. 

We have several different options for the moms who love hearts. Big and small necklaces, some like our Long Necklace with Hearts that are statement pieces, and some more classic like our Heart Charms Choker. 

Here is a full list of our favorites for Mother’s Day

- Long Necklace with Hearts $95

- Heart Charms Choker $50

- Mini Chunky Chain Heart Charm Bracelet $42

- Open Pave Heart Necklace $45

- Single Heart Necklace $35

Check out our entire Hearts collection.


For the mom who’s the star of the show.

Mothers are the main stars of the show. Since we are young, they are the ones who understand us, take care of us, teach us and allow us to grow. That’s why an accessory that reminds them they are stars is the perfect option. 

Here are some star jewelry pieces perfect for mom:

- Mini Chunky Chain Star Pave Charm Bracelet $42

- Pave Star and Hanging Stones Choker $72

- Mini Pave Star Studs $40 

- Pave Star Necklace $48

- Star Charms Choker $50

Check out our entire Galaxy collection.


Make your mom feel special on Mother's Day and every day.

Happy Mother's Day!